Introducing Artoo’s Status Page

March 12, 2015Tech

We understand how critical Artoo is to your business. Customer success is on the top of our minds — we understand that even a few minutes of downtime could cost you lakhs of business. We hope that by publishing our Status Page , we can work together to ensure that users are happy and able to work with ease. The Status page sits outside of Artoo’s servers and will provide accurate information, even when our servers are slow or down.

Opt in for status updates

All communication of our incidents will be done through our Status Page. Subscribe to get our system updates, straight to your inbox!

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Know our status in a glance

We understand you are busy — we want to empower you with tools to quickly learn whether Artoo is down. In the event our systems are down, you can use the color-coded bars to quickly see the performance of Artoo’s applications — while we work hard to make sure everything is up and running!

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Everything is working fine, it’s business as usual.

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The system is working, but it’s slow — there are too many requests.

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Some parts of our app or services are not running — i.e., Credit Bureau Reports aren’t getting pulled.

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A rare occurrence when the entire system is down — across mobile and web.

Learn how well our systems are performing

We have published charts that will give you more information regarding Artoo’s performance. Use the time filters on top to view system metrics across a day, week, or month. You will immediately know if our systems were slow during a certain time of the month or pin-point an outage. We have been working hard to re-architect our systems to scale; publishing our performance metrics on our status page is Artoo’s commitment to reliability of our services and a better experience for you.

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If our systems are slow, the response time peaks will spike high.

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If our systems are down, the throughput peaks will go down to 0.

Get a detailed history

Go through the Incident history to learn about service interruptions — when they occurred, why they occurred, and when we’ve resolved them.

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We hope the Status Page will make the difficult days a little easier. We created this feature from your feedback, so we’re eager to see what you think. We hope you like it.

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