Artoo | Value Proposition
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Artoo has developed a mobile and web-based Intelligent Digital Loan Origination system, which enables end-to-end customer onboarding, yet allowing for human interaction in areas where this is critical.

Artoo’s Value Proposition

For lenders targeting small businesses, who are dissatisfied with the limitations of Traditional Loan Origination Systems, our product is an Intelligent Digital Loan Origination System that provides comprehensive digitalisation at the borrower’s doorstep. 

Unlike FinTechs that provide Big Data credit underwriting, we have assembled key whole product features that have the intelligence to understand all possible nuances of small businesses, while meeting all compliance standards. 

Artoo’s 03 leading principles.

Our edge comes from our dedicated user support, human-centred product design and insights into user performance improvements.

User support with a human touch.

At Artoo, we have made a conscious decision to keep our support function (we call it “customer success”) in-house. This allows first hand interaction with users, which in turn, provides insights to improve usability. We encourage everyone to do field visits and conduct regular focus group interviews and usability studies.

We encourage everyone to do field visits and conduct regular focus group interviews and usability studies.
- Artoo Engineer previously employed by a Big 3 IT firm

User performance improvements.

We adopt a data-driven approach to monitor users and help improve performance. By implicitly capturing data of every interaction, the system can provide insights into how to improve performance.

A human-centred approach to product design.

We shadow users to understand their behaviour and adapt our product to keep user behaviour intact.

The opportunity and the challenge.

Most fintech providers target people with a digital footprint. This group comprises less than 1% of the market, leaving a huge untapped opportunity. This opportunity is however, constrained by a lack of data, making credit assessment difficult and expensive. This borrower segment operates primarily in a cash-based economy and has irregular and undocumented income.

Traditional lending systems also focus on building backend systems while relying heavily on paper in the frontend. Artoo however believes that enhancing the interaction between field agent and borrower is key, and has hence built a complete digital solution with strong offline / online mobile capabilities.

Our novel data model allows us to draw intelligence from parallel variables. For example, by capturing data about children’s education or the purchase of an asset, we can identify the cash outflow or liability creation towards such an expense.

We are confident that our customers will have no difficulty in adapting to this digitalization.

Why You Should Trust Us

We place a very high value on the trust that our customers place in us, which ensures our constant commitment to compliance. We believe, that in order to best serve our customers, we must be cutting-edge in our technology but also extremely diligent in maintaining compliance.

Here is a list of our compliance commitments:

  • RBI and IDRBT guidelines, i.e. India Data Centres, ISO 27001, VA/PT, monitoring and logging

  • Data privacy requirements laid out in the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000

  • Industry best practices for data ownership and confidentiality of client and borrower data

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards - 99.5% uptime, 3 variations of our SLA to suit every customer’s needs, and the utmost transparency.

We also understand how business-critical the processes that we digitalize are for our customers. We publish our status and information about any kind of outages on http//

How Could Artoo Work For You?

Artoo’s product is customizable for your organization’s purpose. The model and pricing are dependent on products and tools chosen, portfolio size of the company and the support package required.

Companies are constantly launching new products, each with a different credit policy and workflow. While they want a system that provides the flexibility to experiment, razor-thin margins prohibit buying customized solutions. At the core of Artoo’s value proposition is its ability to customize for every organization and to do this at an affordable price.

Artoo’s pricing is dependent on 3 things: a) The product variation they chose, b) the portfolio size of the company and c) the support package they require.

a) We provide 3 variations of our product: Lite, Medium and Advanced, based on functionality, and companies can chose the variation that suits them best.

At the core of Artoo’s value proposition is its ability to customize for every organization and to do this at an affordable price.

b) The second part of our commercial model is based on the loans successfully processed (loan portfolio) through the Artoo platform, thereby aligning our growth with the client’s. Billing can be done on a monthly or annual (in advance) basis depending on the organization’s preference. We provide a discount if billing is done annually. Large organizations will typically opt for an advanced version of our product and for annual billing, whereas a small client will typically opt for a Lite version and monthly billing.

c) Finally, we offer 3 variations of user support packages: Platinum – Level 1 – user support (users can directly call the Artoo helpline), Gold – Level 2 – IT support (users report issues to the internal IT team and they in turn, call the Artoo helpline), Silver – Level 3 – technical support (only technical support and not user level support). Companies can chose these packages depending on the maturity of their internal helpdesk or support team. A large company that has a robust internal IT team may opt for a Gold / Silver package whereas a small company with no internal IT resources may opt for a Platinum package. As the lender grows and becomes more comfortable, the organization can scale down the chosen support package.

Relationship Management

Artoo has on board people who have been insiders in the small business lending sector and can engage our customers in the deepest of line-of-business conversations. We have on our core team, people whose experience spans different functions, including credit and risk analysis, market research and product development, in the small business lending space. And we plan to bring even more such mature professionals on board, who understand the sector inside out and can therefore speak the language of our customers, and ensure that Artoo remains the best solution for their ever evolving needs, wants and wishes in this dynamic sector.