Artoo | Sales Recruit Ad 2016
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You are gifted, top-notch Sales Manager with a track record of making breakthroughs through dogged persistence. You may have worked for some of the best organizations in the financial sector most probably also including multinationals that are early adopters of technology. You may even have close and deep relationships with CXOs in the sector and can engage in the most resonating line of business conversations with them. In any case, you have built formidable skills in consultative, solution-selling and relationship marketing which you have leveraged to great effect.


You have seen how the ideology of India’s IT sector is undergoing a tectonic shift. For a young breed of companies and a new generation of Indian engineers, life is not anymore about making the numbers and keeping your nose clean. Instead it is about making impact through original, cutting edge technology, driven by the need to solve India’s most pressing problems, especially poverty.


We do technology that enables financial inclusion. And we are effective. The results we’ve delivered for our clients include 500 percent improvement in productivity, 40 percent decrease in turn-around-time, and a 45 percent decrease in customer acquisition cost. Overall, a mind blowing 800 percent ROI.

We are gaining strength by the day, in terms of market share, alliances and employees. Our clients include Ujjivan Financial Services and RBL-Swadhaar. But you are the senior sales head we need with the credibility to take us across the chasm and help us become mainstream. In return, we will be happy to pay you an arm and a leg, for we know that we need your skills and your experience to take our margins and pricing where they deserve to be.


We are a young but mature team and we’ll give you all our respect, as well as the love and the opportunity to find that sense of significance that you are perhaps missing at this stage in your life. And, one last thing, we promise you’ll have a blast because for us the journey is also the destination.