Artoo | Product and Partners
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Artoo takes the entire process of SME lending online. 

Artoo leverages templatized income assessment and a proprietary peer comparison for credit underwriting.

  • Admin Console

    • Define Products & Credit Policy
    • Create Workflow
    • Set up users

  • Sales Management

    • Zoning
    • Location Tracking
    • Route Planning

  • Lead Management

    • Qualify repeat customers
    • New Leads
    • Follow up

  • Customer Acquisition

    • Loan Application
    • Dedupe
    • Capture Images and Documents

  • Verification

    • KYC, Address, Business Verification
    • Bank Statements
    • Social Media
    • E-commerce Integration
    • 3rd party integration


    • e-KYC
    • e-Sign
    • Biometric
    • OTP

  • Credit Underwriting

    • Templatized Income Assessment
    • Auto CAM
    • Credit Scoring
    • Deviation matrix
    • Credit Bureau Reports
    • Psychometric Tests

  • Disbursement

    • Tranche disbursements
    • Multi-bank disbursements

  • Analytics

    • Mobile and Web Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Email Digests

  • Predictive Models

    • Loan Product recommendation
    • Borrower fraud detection via peer comparison
    • Detect income exaggeration
    • Detect expenses under reporting

Understand Artoo’s workflow to see how it enables lead scoring and instant loan qualification, how peer comparison infuses intelligence in credit underwriting, and how collections scoring provides early signs of default.


At Artoo, we value providing support with a “human touch” and take full responsibility for our customers’ success.


The best way to enable financial inclusion at scale is to empower the field agent to do more for the customer. We believe that user adoption is the key to scalability, improved business performance, and hence deeper financial inclusion.

We have made a conscious decision to keep our customer success team in-house. This allows first hand interaction with users, which provides insights to improve usability. We have a dedicated multilingual operational and technical support team and we take full ownership for your success.


We take full ownership of the project and work closely with the client to map and configure their business on our platform, set up users and workflows, train their team, ensure integration and support their users post deployment, thus allowing them to focus on their core – launching products and out-innovating the competition.

We believe that in order to get business results, we need to have adoption from the field. Strong training and user support are required to handhold the users at various levels to maximize utilization and productivity. We are happy to provide this at every step along the way.


We believe that it is important for technology providers to be open to integrating with other systems, rather than perceiving other players as threats, because this is crucial in the creation of an ecosystem of providers where each one can specialize and become even better at what can they do best for the customer.

Artoo takes responsibility for integration of the various different systems a client may be using.

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BI Tools

Device & MDM