Artoo | Aparna
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What do I do?
I am a full stack engineer in the making. Developing exciting new features and maintaining a quality product are an essential part of my to-do list. I work across our tech platforms – Android, Web(Ember), Nodejs (coffee script, JS). My focus is more Android right now but switch between Web and Backend every now and then. As the senior software engineer, I get to don different tech hats and love it. Once a while my love for writing descends in our blog posts. Not frequently enough but I try! Apart from this, I pick people’s brains every now and then with computer science problems.

Why  would I recommend joining Artoo?
I work with an ambitious team that settles for nothing but the best. There is extensive scope for exploring and deepening technical skills for engineers. You get to solve unique engineering challenges – lack of connectivity, complex credit underwriting, rapidly expanding scale, to name a few- that push for innovative thinking. You take back home the satisfaction of having made an impact in the lives people whom technology has always neglected so far. A fun loving, close knit, caring team, we work hard and party equally hard, if not harder! Artoo has a flexible work culture. Great work is expected, not swipe in or out timings, and as a parent of a 7-year-old, I highly appreciate it!

About Aparna

Aparna joined Artoo because she felt the idea of combining cutting-edge technology with the satisfaction of creating social impact was almost too good to be true. She is a part of the engineering team. She works on our Android platform and raves about the thrill of developing exciting new features and actually see it getting used to make a difference. Aparna has worked with Samsung, Applied Communication Sciences, and Infosys in the past. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Rutgers University, New Jersey.

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