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Artoo has developed a mobile and web-based Intelligent Digital Loan Origination system, which enables end-to-end customer onboarding, yet allowing for human interaction in areas where this is critical.

Our edge comes from our dedicated user support, human-centred product design and insights into user performance improvements. We value providing support with a “human touch” and take full responsibility for our customers’ success.


We take entire ownership of the project from implementation to onboarding to support. Our product is completely configurable and customizable to suit your organization’s needs. We’re highly specialized for MSME Lending and our go-to-market is 3 months as opposed to industry standard of 9 months


We invest in empathetic Training and Support function for easy adoption – which incidentally also helps the organisation to scale. We have a comprehensive 2- day training exclusively for the trainers, followed by those for field agents. We rely on Case studies and Practice cases to recreate real-time scenario for users.


We provide support at every step along the way, from deployment to production and have a multilingual team that is ready to resolve every single query. We have always been about “high-tech” about at Artoo, but we deliver on the promise of “high-touch” too.


We continuously innovate and experiment on field for superior user adoption. We apply Pilot corpus before actual implementation, which helps us stay ahead of the curve.

Relationship Management

Artoo has on board people who have been insiders in the small business lending sector and can engage our customers in the deepest of line-of-business conversations. We have on our core team, people whose experience spans different functions, including credit and risk analysis, market research and product development, in the small business lending space. And we plan to bring even more such mature professionals on board, who understand the sector inside out and can therefore speak the language of our customers, and ensure that Artoo remains the best solution for their ever evolving needs, wants and wishes in this dynamic sector.

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