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At Artoo, we are driven by the passion to use the power of technology to make financial services accessible to the people who need and deserve them the most, the entrepreneurial poor. These, we believe, are tomorrow’s heroes who will make the greatest difference to the nation.

Artoo is developing a mobile and cloud platform that leverages the power of big data for financial institutions who serve small businesses.

We’re currently looking for



For a young breed of companies and a new generation of Indian engineers, life is not anymore about making the numbers and keeping your nose clean. Instead, it is about making impact through original, cutting edge technology, driven by the need to solve India’s most pressing problems, especially poverty.

Why us?

We do technology that enables financial inclusion. And we are effective. The results we’ve delivered for our clients include 500 percent improvement in productivity, 40 percent decrease in turn-around-time, and a 45 percent decrease in customer acquisition cost. Overall, a mind blowing 800 percent ROI.

Artoo is a fun, inclusive place to work at. We welcome women, minorities, and others from marginalized sections of society to join us as we solve India’s most pressing problem, poverty, one line of code at a time. So if you are the clutter-buster we think you are, call us and we’ll jam together.