Looking at Things Afresh

April 24, 2019Internship

0 zEcPWvJxam3JdMqJ Photo by Anika Huizinga on Unsplash

Episode 2 of the mini-series on Adam Grant’s book ‘Originals’, as scripted and recorded by Ria, Vibushita, and Skandha — the 2019 summer interns from The Valley School, at Artoo.

Ep. 2 | Originals - Artoo

In this week’s episode, we explore what it means to ‘look at things afresh’, in all the different ways that the book suggests. Join us, as we examine the different ways in which experimentation can happen, the roles of intuition and experience in originality, and how to overcome the blindspots that a certain kind of expertise can pose!

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