Emberinos At The Treehouse

March 02, 2016EventTech

At the Artoo treehouse, we regularly host the Bangalore Ember.js meetups. After a long gap, we were excited to be hosts yet again on Jan 30, where we interacted with a cool bunch of regular Ember users.


Dilip’s talk on building Ember add-ons. View more here .

Pallavi (from DRG — https://decisionresourcesgroup.com/) informed us that her company had roped in Chris Ball for Ember training at their firm. Chris expressed his interest in our meetup and in engaging with Bangalore-based Ember developers.

We were kicked about his proposition and agreed for another quick meetup on Feb 21. A second Ember meet already this year! Despite a Sunday, 26 Ember enthusiasts turned up at the meet.

Components are the way forward in Ember. Component all the things! was the mantra of the day. Chris focused on using Components as the major building blocks in our application. We discussed Routeable Components, Data Down/Actions Up (DDAA), how to handle parent/child components, yielding, closure actions, and helpers.

Furthermore, Chris shared some cool stickers from the Ember meetups all over the world. Thank you, Chris for the talk and goodies!

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Cool Ember stickers courtesy Chris.

An Ember hackathon or workshop is due in April. Stay tuned for more.

About Chris

Chris Ball ( http://cball.me/about/) is the founder of echobind.com, a consultancy specializing in Ruby on Rails and Ember. When he’s not helping clients generate great products, Chris works on From Rails to Ember, thus guiding developers through the transition from Rails to Ember as a front-end framework.

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