Yehuda Katz Visits Artoo

August 02, 2015EventTech

July was truly exciting for the Ember.js community in Bangalore. Yehuda Katz — one of the creators of Ember.js, a member of the Rust Core Team, and a retired Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Team member — was going to be at a JavaScript conference in Bangalore for two days. Known as wycats( @wycats) in the dev community, he helped creating tools and frameworks, which every web developer in the world uses. And we were able to host him at our office to spend some time with the Bangalore Ember.js community and our very own Geeks!

Sivakumar took the lead in inviting Yehuda (a BIG thank you, Siva) and Artoo couldn’t have been happier to host the meetup at our Treehouse. It was one of the biggest meetups we’ve hosted, with over 40 attendees. A few even made the trek all the way from Chennai just to see Yehuda. It was a lengthy and dynamic session, where Yehuda discussed the exciting future of Ember.js and the philosophy behind creating it.

There are numerous frameworks available for web development, but they are limited. Ember, on the other hand, provides an ecosystem of tools and libraries that can build massive enterprise applications. Developers tend to produce homogeneous code on this framework, which is phenomenal for boosting productivity, ensuring maintenance, and proving scalability. It is a strongly opinionated framework, emphasizing conventions over configuration…and we love it here at Artoo!

Yehuda also articulated the need for developers contributing back to open source, rather than just using it in their projects. This is something Artoo has notably done in the past. At the end of the evening, we were all truly inspired to contribute further — look out for more from Artoo on that end. Ember powers Artoo’s web platform and it was our pleasure to not only host Yehuda, but also learn from him in person!

A few of us couldn’t help asking for more, and we were able to grab a bite with Yehuda. Over dinner, we further tapped into Yehuda’s personality as we discussed startups, economies, dev culture, food…and of course, Ember! July 17th was truly a day well spent for Ember.js enthusiasts. Thank you, Yehuda!

Dilip is a Geek at Artoo, working as a Full Stack developer. Follow him at @kushdilip

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