Artoo Droid Hunt

March 28, 2011Event

This is for the 5–7% of the class that likes to build stuff:

  • for the ones who loved Science Day in school
  • for the toppers (professors never understand pure genius!)
  • for the ones who love Tech-Fests
  • for the ones who are looking to build the next big thing from India
  • for the ones who really want to change the world

We are looking for entrepreneurial and technology savvy young people who are always challenging the status quo. Here’s an opportunity to work on cutting edge technology, to build a stellar product company out of India, and to make a dent in the universe. Think big, think: financial inclusion, healthcare, education for all.

We are a band of technology enthusiasts (+1 feminist) who wish to catalyze development through inclusive technology and empowering communication. Simply put, we want to do everything we can to bring the digital revolution to those at the bottom of the pyramid.

Or mathematically,

R2D2 : Luke Skywalker :: Artoo : Development Sector

taking partial differentials on both side (a.k.a on simplifying),

We’re in this for the long run!

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